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Originally released in 2004, this two-part medley has been lovingly remastered. We offer it to you here in the quality and format of your choice up to lossless audiophile-candy! Pay whatever you like (even a big fat zero).


the bitter cold is blowing
old-town ornamented street-light polls
luminescent longings
for my simple adolescent goals
minor trite complexities
are piled upon me everyday
slightly drab activities
to leach the joy of life away

holidays bereft of tarnish
garnishing the wars we wage
sentimental celebrations
polish every printed page
every scene is changing
for the worse it seems
isn't it strange
how the world keeps showing
hope-filled previews
so we won't complain

I just can't take anymore

blissful couples
sipping cupfuls
can't recall their lives before
rosy cheeks and repercussions
they're not even looking for
dead spruce needles on the floor
can feel me pining for
the moist loving touch of your lips' absence
polarized by Burl Ives' voice

I just can't take anymore

so you come back to me
this christmas eve
and I'll forgive all of the times
that you betrayed me

we'll skate on the pond
kiss by the tree
pure bliss lies beyond
this christmas eve

just leave him tonight
forget his face
pack your bags and take a flight
I'll take his place

we'll be so right
just wait and see
please come back to me
this christmas eve

listen to me
please hear my plea
just come back to me
this christmas eve


from PRESENTS (Christmas songs of The Ether Family Presents​.​.​.​), released September 18, 2000
written by R. Williams
orchestration by The Ether Family Presents...

recorded 2004 at The Ether Lounge

Jimmy Ether - vocals & piano, guitar, strings
Gayle Ether - bass, vocals
Earl Ether - guitar, vocals
Freddy Ether - drums, percussion, vocals

Aurally Chronicled by Jimmy Ether



all rights reserved