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Through the waves of highway heat appear the new old-timers
they're now hitchhiking down
the turnpike and I've
seen their type before
when they get uprooted they're
guaranteed to rot

And I've dreamed about some places that you just can't drive to
and dreams are signs of a
drifter's mind that has
stopped cold dead, you know?
living his scenario
guaranteed to rot


from How To Get Lost In A Time Consuming Ego Trip - Part 1 of 4, released June 3, 2003
Rot (R. Williams)

Session 1 - Basic Tracks
Earl Ether - Guitar
Freddy Ether - Drums
Gayle Ether - Bass
Jimmy Ether - Guitar

Session 2 - Group Overdub
Earl Ether - Acoustic Guitar
Freddy Ether - Shaker
Gayle Ether - Fuzz Bass
Jimmy Ether - Guitar (through mini Marshall amp)

Session 3 - Vocal Overdub
Jimmy Ether - Lead Vocal

Session 4 - Vocal Overdubs
Earl Ether - Double Lead Vocal (Chorus)
Gayle Ether - Harmony Vocal (Verse and Chorus)

Session 5 - Vocal Overdubs (for vocal burst at end)
Earl Ether/Freddy Ether/Jimmy Ether - Main Bass Vocal, Bass Ahhhhs
Gayle Ether/Freddy Ether - EeeAyi Vocals
Gayle Ether/Jimmy Ether - High Harmony, Main Melody
Freddy Ether/Jimmy Ether - Rititititits

Session 6 - Percussion Overdubs
Freddy Ether - Sandpaper/Linoleum Knife, Box Fan, 5 gal. bucket and floor tom



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