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Buckle down for the up and coming
it's always greener
on the turf of successful summing
of empty figures
Grab a light for the all-night drive now
even though where you go you don't know
urbanites of the up and coming
with itchy triggers

What does it take to make you unhappy?

Ain't it nice to be given advice by
cynical singers
who seem to think they're just a little bit wiser
and I'm a little bit greener
But I can keep my ideology and take it to the top rung
like the young professionals do
'cause I'm a member for the up and coming
six digit figures

What does it take to make you unhappy?


from How To Get Lost In A Time Consuming Ego Trip - Part 1 of 4, released June 3, 2003
Up and Coming (R. Williams)

Session 1 - Basic Tracks
Earl Ether - Guitar
Freddy Ether - Drums
Gayle Ether - Bass
Jimmy Ether - Guitar

Session 2 - Group Overdub
Earl Ether - Acoustic Guitar
Freddy Ether - Farfisa
Gayle Ether - Verb Guitar
Jimmy Ether - Harmonica

Session 3 - Vocal Overdubs
Jimmy Ether - Lead Vocal, Lead Double (Chorus)
Gayle Ether - Verse Harmonies
Jimmy Ether/Earl Ether - Chorus Vocals

Session 4 - Percussion Overdub
Earl Ether - Oil Filter Wrench
Freddy Ether - Mixing Bowls (turned up)
Gayle Ether - tapping glass jar

Session 5 - Guitar Overdub
Earl Ether/Jimmy Ether - Distorted Guitars



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